Kingston Rudieska – Vol.4 Everyday People

킹스턴 루디스카 (Kingston Rudieska) – 4집 Everyday People
Release Date: 2014.12.01
Genre: Rock
Bit Rate: MP3-320K

Track List:
01. Walking, Talking, Thinking
02. Que Bonita
03. Digging Your Sound
04. 사랑은 없어 (Feat. Tommy Tornado)
05. Gimme Some Love
06. Breezy Walking
07. East & West (Feat. Choe Hwi Seon)
08. What Do You Stand For
09. 괜찮아
10. You Are The One
11. 그리운 해변 (Feat. Kim Violin)
12. Sir Rico

01. Sailors’ Chant
02. Love Lake Session (Take 2)
03. Boom Boom’s Arirang
04. Sir Dub
05. Gimme Some Dub



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